30 June, 2010

The development process stages in light speed.

iluma and Planet Ad worked side by side to organise a month long event called the AIR (Artist In Resident) Project, which involves 6 different artists to paint live at the heart of the iluma shopping mall, Bugis street, from 5th June to 10 July, 2010. The video documentation of the new artwork wouldn't be made possible without the help of Hazrin and Syamim that work hard filming and photographed every single paint stroke and movement during the whole pain-stalking process of The Shoppers Nebula. And a million thanks to whom who came down and old timers that talked to me during the event.

The Shoppers Nebula
(Spray paint and acrylic on 1.4m by 2.8m plywood)
Why barricade our imagination to a limit where shoppers only go to malls and shopping centers? Why not recreate a whole new universe, a brand new big bang. A dense space call The Shoppers Nebula. A multiverse dimension where people will get to float free and shop till they drop without the existence of gravitational pull.

All images are copyrighted (c) 2010 Clogtwo