22 March, 2010

RCGNTN presents RCGNIZE - The First Edition
20th March 2010

"We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing,
while others judge us by what we have already done."
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This month, the troops of RCGNTN and the SUP CLOTHING guerillas have teamed up to hold a one of a hell street party, and giving the local heroes a place to shelter while their homes are being rebuilt. The party also showcase works from local photographers, street artists, sneakers and toy customizers all in the jammed pack narrow street of 34 Haji Lane.

Also, not forgetting,Thanks to the family, friends and new found allies that was present during the mobilization.

That night, we also had a live art session between the most renown street artists and illustrators in Singapore.
Each artist is to paint one letter from the word RCGNTN in their on stylized form.
Artists involved are Clogtwo, Antz, Sheryo, Zero, Anwar and The Killer Gerbil.

Clogtwo repping the letter "R".
Mixed media on 4ft X 4ft plywood.

Antz repping the letter "C"

Sheryo repping the letter "G".

Zero repping the letter "N".

Anwar repping the letter "T".

The Killer Gerbil repping the letter "N"

All together now!
Clogtwo X Antz X Sheryo X Zero X Anwar X Killer Gerbil

Family Portrait
Siblings from RCGNTN, Sup Clothing, Zirca/Rebel.
All photos were hijacked from Yasin Rahim AKA Mr.36 (c) 2010