08 March, 2010

dbl O Art Space 7 feat. CLOGTWO

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this show possible and everyone who came down to support. Thank you". - Clogtwo.

Here are a few flicks of the show for those who missed it. I wouldn't want you guys to miss it either.

The Boys who made it possible for setting up the show and creating the album, We're Not Enemies.
left to right: Iqbal,Imran, Shen, Syamim and Clogtwo (Musa and Avneesh not in photo)

6m x 3m acrylic on mural

The Virgin Mary (Science vs Religion)
420mm X 594mm mixed media on 300GSM black paper

Organic Pseudo People
(Series of 4)
A1 prints

Circus freaks
(Series of 4)
A3 prints with clear acrylic frames.

Clogtwo and Drayson of The Cannery design department holding the WE'RE NOT ENEMIES album.

Liza Farliza and Clogtwo

all images courtesy of Syamim Mom (c) 2010