15 January, 2010

The Exhibition Set Up.
12 January 2010 was the official opening + Symposium of the exhibition.
So here's the documentary before the show.
Materials you may need to work on a graffiti mural:
1. Nippon Pylox 400ml industrial spray paint (male valve)
2.Montana Alien Espectro Transparent black (female valve)
3. 02x caps (outline and fat caps)
4. iPod Classic (120GB + songs from your favourite playlist)
5. Audio Technica headphones
6. 4 meter high aluminum ladder

Always draw up a good sketch with guide lines like circles and perspective lines before you start executing it. This will make you more confident and prepares you from any problems you may face when sketching up the proportions.
Now that you have a good and satisfying sketch, stand as far as possible from you wall, approximately 5 meters. So that you can have a good look at where you want to compose your piece.

Once you have decided where to put your piece, always start with the main feature first, which is the head, in light coloured spray paint. Why the head you ask? Because the head will determine the aspect ratio of your character's body. The bigger the head, the bigger you piece will be. So at this stage, always remember to take your time adjusting the size to your expectation, because it will be difficult to adjust the proportion once you have fill in the colours and outlines.
Here's an example of my piece once the sketch line is confirmed.

After you have completed sketching up your piece, now, the next stage is to outline it with a flat black pylox spray paint. The rational behind this is to help you visualize where the lights and shadows are placed.

Slowly, you will start building up the colours.
Remember to work from the midtone first and than work on the shadows and finally to the highlights.
Tips on how to blend the colours perfectly is to keep your lighter colour overlay the darker ones.

And voila! It may take a few hours, or maybe days to complete it. But always keep this in mind, when you document it, and take a look at the pictures with a hot cup of coffee. You get a sense of great accomplishment and satisfactory.
This piece took approximately 2 1/2 days, a bottle of coffee, 37 times climbing up and down the ladder and 13 spray paints to complete.

Do visit the exhibition space at Lasalle ICAS gallery (monday to friday) and I would like to send my deepest gratitude to the people who came down to give us the support. Thank you guys.
All images copyrighted (c) 2010 Clogtwo.