28 December, 2009


Clogtwo and ZincNite Crew were invited by Nazir to collaborate our artworks for this year Siloso Beach Party 2010.
It was on short notice, so we had to rush the ideology and execute the designs on the 26 and 27 December before the year end party starts. And on the eve of new year, all the artists will be doing live collaborative artworks on 12 ft by 8 ft planks. Phadz, our ZincNite crew official photographer was there too, to document and give us an extra helping hand on the huge project.

Arrival at the warehouse. Final discussion before planting the paints on the planks.

Clogtwo's sketch for the day, radiohead.

Basic structure on plank.

Graffiti art is somehow similar to the element of pencil sketching, you create the basic structure and shapes from light coloured spray cans and slowly build up on the details.

After you are satisfied with your sketch, you can use a darker colour to determine the lights and shadows. And to give your illustrations more dimension,you can use various types of lines, ranging from thick to thin and also sharp stroke lines.

That's it for day 1 (26 December), Nazir did his interpretation of LV's monogram for clogtwo's wallpaper. It's time to head home.

Day 2 (27 December) - Back to finalizing the lines of Radiohead.

Soon as you have completed the outline of you illustration, you can now proceed on colouring it. Always remember to work from the mid-tones, than the shadows and finally render the highlights. This systematic process will give you a better flow of getting the 3 dimensional style you are going for. But always remember to be patient and take your time on touching up those drips, for awesome quality.

And finally, the finish product is done.

6 planks from ZincNite Crew X Nazir will be planted all over Siloso Beach, Sentosa. So catch a glimpse of it up close. Or you can catch us doing our live demo on New Year's Eve.
All images copyrighted by Phadz (c) 2009 (ZincNiteCrew official photographer).