30 August, 2009

Live at DXO on the 29 August 2009.
And our fellow hip hop organiser, The iLLers have organised a competition that consist of
break dancing, beat boxing, freestyle rapping and of course graffiti tagging show off.
For the graffiti tagging battle, each artist were given 40 seconds to tag on an
A2 size acrylic board upon the word they are given.And the winner will receive
Marc Ecko watch worth SGD400 and a New Era Cap worth SGD100.

The competitors were: NewaKlax99RazeDynoKino,
TraseOnerYugoAiz and Clogtwo.
We were divided into 3 leagues to battle it off.
And The Battle Begins:
First league
Raze vs Aiz vs Yugo.
Second league
Klax99 vs Dyno vs Clogtwo.
Third league
TraseOner vs Newa vs Kino.
Final round
Aiz vs Clogtwo vs Kino.

After a few bruises and cuts during the battle.
Clogtwo was honored and humble to receive the prizes.